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Aging and Disability Resources - Aging and Disability Resource Connection - over 6,000 resources statewide as well as lots of information and links to other resources and communities.

MOVE - Making Oregon Vital for Elders - - info on Person centered thinking care and support and training in facilities statewide. Also, info on how to pick a person centered facility for your loved one. What questions to ask and what to look for. - free training and educational webinars for care partners and family members supporting people who are aging and people living with dementia of some kind. Also, lots of on-line classes with training on various aspects of being a care partner. - click on the Resource link - info on what a dementia work-up looks like, what should be included in an exam, what to do after a dementia diagnosis, signs of dementia, etc. - Positive Approach to Care - a wide variety of info and services to enhance awareness and to increase dementia care skills for care partners and family members of people living with dementia.(building relationship- not just getting tasks done)

Offline Resources

Alternatives for People Without an Internet Connection
If you know of someone who doesn't have an Internet connection, "Well Connected" offers free programs for adults over the age of 60 that meet over the phone.

Whether you like art, zoology, music or meditation, there is a program for you. Members call in via a toll-free number at a set time each week with some groups offering the option to connect via computer, tablet or mobile device. Enrolling is easy, you can call 877-797-7299 to get started. Or have a friend/family member with an Internet connection go to their website Covia Services Well Connected and find Well Connected under the Community Service menu. A new catalog of their offerings will be out May 1st. Call to request a catalog to be mailed to you.

Indoor Exercises

Exercise! Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is something we can all agree on for sure.There are many ways to exercise, even if you are restricted to your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

AARP Balance Exercises on Demand
AARP has put together a whole library of exercise videos from easy to advanced and everything in-between. Remember, small amounts of exercise done throughout the deay count just as much as one longer session. Happy browsing!

Chair Yoga
This video is only 18 minutes long but packed with exercises you can do with just a chair at hand. You will be surprised by the possibilities!

Indoor Walking
One of the exercises in the above-mentioned AARP collection is an important one that everybody can try: Indoor walking.
It is good for your heart and weight, but the benefits go further...

YMCA Fall Prevention

How about an exercise that can help reduce your risk of falling? Check out this seven-minute video.

YMCA Rise and Shine
Get ideas for a few quick warm up and stretch exercises to loosen up and start your day with a smile. 

Museums From Around The World

Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City
If you're a fan of this artist, you'll enjoy the virtual tour of her dedicated Museum.

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia
If you have 5 hours to kill, get comfortable and watch this beautifully created video that takes you through the entire museum - 45 galleries and 588 masterpieces. 

The Louvre in Paris
There are a number of virtual tours on its website that let's you explore galleries and specific works of art of the Louvre.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
If you are a fan of smaller institutions, here is one that always finds interesting topics and artists to discuss. To learn about what they offer in terms of online exhibitions and talks, go here.

The Vatican Museum in Rome
You don't have to travel there to see it. Its website has a number of 360 virtual tours for you to explore on your own terms.

The Winchester Mystery House

If you never made it to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, or if you want to relive the experience, here is the link to the online tour.

Walk on Mars
Explore the surface of Mars as it was recorded by NASA's Curiosity rover. Truly, an an out of this world experience...

Museums News on Facebook

This Facebook page lists attempts by people to recreate artworks. They are pictures side-by-side so you can judge for yourself. As always, the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true here as well. There are also links to curators talking about their museum collections. All in all, plenty to see for all different tastes

"Some Good News" by Actor John Krasinski
If you're a fan of the actor from the TV show "the office", check out his YouTube (good) news show. It's all about good news and sometimes, some famous friends are joining in the fun. Here is the link to the current episodes, just short of 20 minutes of fun and good humor.

West Linn Parks & Recreation Virtual Community Center

The title says it all. A website designed to keep everyone in your home, from kids to seniors, engaged and entertained.

Educational Opportunities

Curious About Your Family History?
With your library card, you can access for free and do your own digging on that famous grand uncle or your family roots in general.

Free Classes from Harvard University
Harvard has made 65 of its courses available for free. Here is the link to this page.

450 Ivy League Courses That Are Currently Free
This should keep you busy for a while, if online ivy-league classes is your cup of tea. They are grouped by theme so patiently keep on scrolling.  Participating universities include Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia Universities, and the University of Pennsylvania.We're sure that you'll find something you'll like.

Learn a Language
Use your library card to get free access to Pronunciator, an online language-service with 80 languages and 4,000 available courses.

Oregon State University
OSU offers a free class that teaches you how to care for your mental health needs. Experts in psychology will teach you how to deal with anxiety, stress, loneliness and other feelings of isolation.

Yale University

Browse this collection of open Yale courses for free. It's a compilation of select introductory courses. Here is the link where you can see all that's offered.


A Romance Genre Book Group
The Lake Oswego Public Libraries book club has moved online. If you like romance and happily-ever-afters, check it out here.

Carnegie Hall
Here is a link to an archive of past broadcasts for you to enjoy at leisure.

eBooks & eAudiobooks
Don't forget to check the catalog of your library to find ebooks and eaudiobooks. Search by author or subject to find something that appeals to you.

As long as schools are closed, offers free streaming for kids. There is a lot there that might be for you as well, in case you wanted to catch up on Harry Potter and the likes...

Google's Arts & Culture
It can be overwhelming at first because there are so many links but take your time and browse to your heart's content: Art, sports, culture, literature, and more.
Movies Galore
If you have a library card, you can access tens of thousands of films and videos for free. For now, they limit access to 10 per months.

Musicians and Music on YouTube
Many performers and performances can be found on YouTube. Just enter the keywords in the search box. Here are a couple examples to get you started: Andrea Bocelli and pianist Michael Harrison

The UK National Theatre Live
Every Thursday at 11 am Pacific time, a new piece is being premiered and available for one week on YouTube. Click here to go to its YouTube Channel.

The Oregon Symphony
Musicians perform in their homes for about a minute. Some take the time to play their instruments, other allow you a brief glimpse into their lives. Check back frequently on the website where archived sessions are listed and new ones added daily. Or, subscribe to it.

The Paris Opera
On it's website, you can take a virtual tour of the Palais Garnier in all its glory. You can also rediscover past performances. Some are free, others not. Happy browsing! 

Virtual Travel

The Great Wall of China
This travel guide has an impressive virtual tour that allows you to look all around you and 'visit' a section of the Great Wall.

The Hidden World of National Parks

Google has compiled a rich website that allows you to explore some of our most famous natural parks, explore historical collections, and read up on important Americans. There are too many to mention here but go look for yourself.

Rick Steves' European Travels
If you're a fan of his popular travel shows on PBS, you'll be delighted to learn that many are available online for free. You can watch full episodes, conveniently organized by country here. 

Wildlife Cameras is a website that features dozens (hundreds?) of stationary webcams of mostly wildlife. From eagles' nests to underwater Orca cams and everything in between.

Dubai Miracle Garden
This is the world's largest flower garden featuring over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. It's all man made. Eye candy includes an Emirates A380 plane, Disney characters and a floating lady. Click this link to see it all in gorgeous colors.

Gardens Around the World

Many gardens around the world have created video walkthroughs that you can enjoy on their website. The following links lead you to compilations of garden tours from places as diverse as the Monet's garden at Giverny,  the United States Botanic Garden, the Hawaii Tropical Botanic Garden, and some of the most famous gardens in the UK. Enjoy your travels.

12 Virtual Garden Tours to do from home as recommended by Gardens Illustrated.

10 Beautiful Virtual Garden Tours on backyardbend, a community of outdoor enthusiasts.

8 Stunning Virtual Garden Tours Around the World compiled by the British House Beautiful website.

5 Ways to Enjoy Spring Flowers online, From Garden Tours to Live Streaming, compiled by Forbes Magazine.

For lovers of Japanese gardens, this website has a link to 25 of them in Kyoto. They are listed in the right-side column under Gardens. Just click on a name and be amazed.

And then of course there is the famous Portland Japanese Garden to enjoy.