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Do you have questions? We are here to help.

It is our goal to communicate clearly and help you make a decision.

Below are a few frequently asked questions.

If there is anything else you're wondering about that is not listed here, feel free to get in touch with us.

Eleanora and Suanne

What are the different memberships?

We offer Full Service Memberships and Associate Memberships.

Full Service Members:

  • Up to 3 local round trip rides per week
  • Additional services as scheduled in the home and yard requiring less than 2 hours
  • Access to all social offerings on Zoom and in person

Associate Members:

  • Four services per year as scheduled with a volunteer
  • Access to all social offerings on Zoom and in person

Can I call the Volunteer directly to request service?

No, all service appointments must be made through the WLLO Village phone or email.

Will I have the same Volunteer each time?

Not necessarily. You can let us know if you have a preference, but services are subject to the availability of the Volunteers.

How are Volunteer Drivers selected and qualified?

Member rides will be provided by volunteer drivers who have applied for and completed a thorough training and background check. Training, auto and background checks include:

  • WLLO Village volunteer training, plus three separate Ride Connection driver training sessions
  • A vehicle that is clean and easily accessible and that has passed the DMV safety inspection
  • Personal reference checks and a thorough criminal background check
  • A safe driving record and current valid driver's license and car insurance
  • Emergency training

Can I receive a refund if I wish to discontinue my membership?

Membership is an annual commitment, and there are no refunds for partial year participation. Members who move to another Villages NW spoke Village may request consideration for transferring their membership.

How much do I tip a volunteer?

Volunteers are not allowed to accept gratuities; just a heartfelt “Thank you!” is appreciated.

How can I show my appreciation?

You can show appreciation to WLLO by donating either time or money.

How can I find out about upcoming social or educational events?

Besides our monthly emailed newsletter, we have a continually updated calendar on this website ( click here ). 

What if I need help with something that isn’t specifically listed as a service?

Please contact WLLO Village regarding your need. If your need is not something that can be handled by one of our volunteers, we can provide you with a list of vetted vendors so you can hire the professional help you need, possibly at a discount.

What if I have an urgent request without four days to request in advance?

Please call WLLO Village at 503-308-8223 or email We will attempt to handle requests for services for needs that arise without the usual four-to-five day notice if volunteers are available.

Can I upgrade my Associate Membership because my needs change?

Yes, contact the WLLO Village for details regarding upgrading your membership or signing up for your free six-week upgrade.

What if I need to cancel a ride or service appointment?

If you need to cancel, please inform WLLO Village as soon as possible.

What if I have a complaint or concern about a service appointment or volunteer?

WLLO Village wants to hear from you. We document complaints received from members and volunteers, look into the concern, and respond as soon as possible.